a sustainable, enriching natural space for the entire residential community.

There’s easy ways to save our building time, energy and money while making a garden that can benefit everybody.


Plans, inspiration, strategies, and benefits for everybody through botany.

400 cpw garden concepts


Here’s some naturalistic examples of landscaping that I think would be appropriate for our community.

CBK Gardens sample work

Potential landscaper. They've done projects for MOMA PS1, UES properties, hamptons estates, and large urban gardens, also great with arrangements and terrariums. Affordable, knowledgable, collaborative, and local.


These are, as far as I know, perennials. Their details are listed here but you will need to login. The credentials are: samfrons@gmail.com and Iguana420!. Prices and details listed there. Or here is a screenshot.


These are stand-alone fountains that can be plugged into nearby outlets. My idea is to put them in the proximity of the benches and put solar canopies there so they are 100% solar-powered (see in section below for general idea). They range from $50 - $300 and are up to 3 feet in height. Some have LEDs, which is preferable, but LEDs are affordable and we can use them to accent the garden anywhere regardless. Here’s a list with the prices and details for some of them. And here’s a list for some other ones.


These are about $300 - 600 for the structure. We can plant many things. What I was thinking is that we could have units opt in for about $10 a month so they can get a medley of the plants. We can put a lock on it, have a motion activated camera, and make it a community effort. Here are two links of lists of things that are easy to grow in greenhouses: Link 1 and Link 2