A calculator for carbon emissions

Something I’ve been working on is this commuter-driven carbon-cash cost calculator so it’s easy to see how much you save on energy and money by using zero-emissions transportation.

carbon-cast cost travel calculator

Find out how much money and carbon dioxide you save by using Goner!

Enter your daily commute here:

mile(s) per day

You save:

$221.66 per year on gasoline.
$9125.00 per year on rideshares.
0.66 ton(s) of CO2 per year.

(Assuming: 5 miles per day; $3 per gallon; 24.7 mpg; 8.887 kgs CO2 per gallon; $5 rideshare cost per mile.)

Assumptions and Notes

Gasoline Price:

dollars(s) per gallon. More information can be found courtesy of AAA.

Car Fuel Efficiency:

mile(s) per gallon. More information can be found in this EPA report.

Gasoline CO2 Production:

kg(s) of CO2 per gallon of gasoline. More information can be found at the EPA.

Ride share price per mile:

dollar(s) per mile. Adjust for your commute and tip.